Samstag, 23. August 2014




The Vintage Romance




The Vintage Romance


We’re not alone, something else is there.
 They’re everything,  they’re everywhere.
 They come in groups, they are yet one, 
 The source of everything that ever has been done. 

 Can you hear the whispers? 
Can you hear the stories from a time so long ago? 
Don’t be afraid, they want to tell us what we all already know. 

 Maybe forgotten, maybe buried deep inside, 
 Listen closely, be an open mind. 

 Not even dimensions will tear us apart, 
realize they’re here in peace, 
they’re here for love, 
making the start.

3 Kommentare:

Helen Mae hat gesagt…

These are amazing, well done!! x

Zero Zavec hat gesagt…

So beautiful. Meaningful and pure. Wonderful.

Chloe Gillam hat gesagt…

That's really different and awesome nice collection. wedding gowns

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