Dienstag, 23. September 2014


Ready for the first autumn-themed photo shoot this year!
Beautiful purple hats, handmade by Anna Chocola.
Another making-of photo before we started   ♥   We actually can cook, but isn't it cute? ;)   ♥   Publication in Vintage Flaneur #6
A little special photo shoot with corsets from Corset Story, more about this coming soon!
Dark looks and delicious Swedish cinnamon buns for a break.
Looks like a Gothic-party...   ♥   Party time at 'Dark Dance Treffen' with Black Spirit X   ♥   Editing work is so much fun!


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Tolle Bilder! Kompliment! Ich verfolge euren Blog schon recht lange und muss euch echt ein riesen Kompliment machen!

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