Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Instagram - January

Making-of documentation with pretty dresses by 'Lady Mayra'

Food inspiration by Attila Hildmann   ♥   Review about 'Suavecita Pomade' coming soon   ♥   2015 calendar by 'Sin In Linen'

Elaborate hair roll for a photo shoot   ♥   Princess mode on   ♥   Cute little Dita Von Teese flipbooks

Purple mood   ♥   Beautiful night sky   ♥   Fun in the snow

Throwback to 2011   ♥   Christmas presents   ♥   Midnight mood


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Grace Hollow Doll hat gesagt…

Lovely ladies, greetings from snowy Russia! I have long been following your blog and you are giving me a lot of inspiration. But now I see you in dresses from Lady Mayra and I can't help asking: Do you enjoy it? I was just about to purchase a batch of them for my store, but do not know anything about their quality. Will you be so kind to tell me about them:)

The Vintage Romance hat gesagt…

Hello @Grace Hollow Doll!

Thank you for your compliment! The Lady Mayra dresses are cute and we like the softness of the fabric! But we had to pick one size larger than we usually wear, just to let you know.
We'd absolutely get some more of their dresses!
We hope this could help.
All the best!

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